A poem from my friend Rob, who is in my thoughts and prayers today.


Faced with the disturbing reality that, to end the painful, troubled life of the family dog is somehow still better than watching a once remarkable animal descend into incontinent, sorrowful chaos, to wit…

There was this dog

For Skittles


Sullen cries, all joy despise

when blind even All-Seeing eyes –

there was this dog.


Turbid seas, invited see

what men in better times might be –

there was this dog.


Gathered moss, a grey-green toss

of silt and muck and sun-less loss –

there was this dog.


Darkened days, all hope a haze

delight could spare no time or trace –

there was this dog.


When fortune called, new joy installed,

instead of dark, did grace befall –

there was this dog.


Unnerving sounds, made still hearts pound,

her swift, sharp sound brought courage found –

there was this dog.


Children’s songs, if…

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