(In belated recognition of Mothers’ Day…)



Rising early on the wings of faithful prayer,
She girds herself to make the day to God’s own ends
Her lively heart, endued with virtue from on high,
Ascends the heights of humble service He commends.

Deft hands and strong, a nimble mind, courageous will
Then bend and beautify hard tasks that fill the hours.
Her life shines, full and sweet yet burdened by the toil
That she spends on those around her. By Thy power

Bless her now, Lord, for in Martha I am blessed.
Lift thou her eyes to see the vision bright and clear
Of delightful days unfolding rich with quiet repose
In Thy Holy Writ she holds exceeding dear.

I love her so. Thou lovest more. Thy love so true.
Thy burden light and Thy yoke easy, Thou hast told.
Martha long ago hath chosen as her portion
Sacred things revealed to holy men of old.

So give her rest. Stand as her righteous judge, exceeding
Great reward. Show openly the fruit of all she’s sown.
May her children rise to bless her. May her light burn
Brighter still unto the purest joy she’s ever known.